Image courtesy of Rios Con Vida
Image courtesy of USGS.
Photo Credit: Spencer Neuharth, USFWS.
Image courtesy of Philip Sandstrom, MSU.
Image courtesy of Keith Crowley.
Image courtesy of Joanna Thamke, USGS.
Image courtesy of Philip Sandstrom, MSU.

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We hope you will enjoy learning about the exciting ecosystems and species we are studying throughout the United States. Our scientists work within the Rocky Mountain regions of Montana, Wyoming, and northern Idaho, which include the diverse Greater Yellowstone and Northern Continental Divide ecosystems. We also study a variety of topics throughout the U.S. Browse our feature articles or dive right into the science by reading about ongoing research projects or publications our scientists have produced. You can also scroll down to see our research by topic.

Science Picks

Featuring NOROCK's recently published research. By accessing these links you are leaving a U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) site. References to non-DOI entities does not constitute an endorsement by the DOI.

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