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Apr 1, 2014: Controversy centers on grizzly bear count
Mar 28, 2014: Griz delisting process likely to start this fall
Mar 27, 2014: Move to de-list Yellowstone grizzlies moves forward
Mar 25, 2014: As Temperatures Rise, A ‘Teaching Moment’ Arises in Glacier Park
Mar 20, 2014: Lake trout numbers continue to fall in Yellowstone
Mar 12, 2014: Lake trout cull could boost cutthroat, feed grizzlies

Feb 27, 2014: Griz population on the rise in Yellowstone
Feb 27, 2014: Griz counts not flawed
Feb 27, 2014: Researchers: Yellowstone Grizzlies not in decline
Feb 20, 2014: Study Affirms Y2Y Strategy in Cabinet Purcell Mountain Corridor
Feb 7, 2014: Climate change becomes a rapid, unplanned survival experiment for animal species
Feb 5, 2014: Falling Off
Feb 4, 2014: Olympics 2014: Let the Science Begin!

Jan 29, 2014: Warmer water species pointing to changing climate in Yellowstone River
Jan 21, 2014: Yellowstone grizzlies face losing protected status
Jan 16, 2014: Are Yellowstone grizzlies ready for delisting?
Jan 8, 2014: Wetland contamination can be predicted in oil boom states, study finds

Dec 26, 2013: Protecting Bull Trout
Dec 24, 2013: Will the grizzly bear flourish or falter after decades under ESA?
Dec 11, 2013: Why Ex-Military Drones Spy on Wildlife
Dec 11, 2013: Hair research finds 'rock-solid minimum' of 42 grizzlies in Cabinet-Yaak.
Dec 11, 2013: Grizzly bears number 45

Fall 2013, Pg 3: Monitoring amphibians in Glacier.
Nov 27, 2013: Study counts 600 black bears in Glacier Park.
Nov 22, 2013: As oil production sets in, pollutions starts to migrate.
Nov 14, 2013: As Climate Warms American West, Iconic Trout In Jeopardy

Nov 8, 2013: Research: Grizzlies not so dependent on pine nuts
Nov 7, 2013: Yellowstone committee recommends grizzly bear delisting
Nov 6, 2013: Grizzly bear committee discusses bear population trends and models
Nov 6, 2013: Agencies Differ over Bull Trout Status
Nov 4, 2013: Grizzly deaths down by half in Yellowstone area

Oct 31, 2013: Furlough frustrations
Oct 23, 2013: Warming waters threaten cold water trout
Oct 22, 2013: Glacier Park's shrinking glaciers a visible barometer of climate change
Oct 20, 2013: Research Ecologist as panelist on MT Ag Live

Sept 25, 2013: U.S. Geological Survey Office Braces For Potential Government Shutdown
Sept 18, 2013: Grizzly exodus?
Sept 17, 2013: Grizzly bears move into new areas, lower elevations
Sept 11, 2013: UM-based wilderness institutes mark 20 years of research, training
Sept 10, 2013: For some researchers, toads trump trout
Sept 10, 2013: Glacier National Park Prepares for Ice-Free Future
Sept 7, 2013: Study boosts Rocky Mountain tailed frogs’ odds against climate change
Sept 3, 2013: Daring to Trap Grizzlies, Researchers Tackle Population Puzzle
Sept 3, 2013: Poor pine nut output could move grizzlies.

Aug 22, 2013: Yellowstone boosts efforts to remove lake trout invaders
Aug 22, 2013: Study examines lake trout diet, fish populations in Yellowstone
Aug 11, 2013: Glacier National Park, melting before our eyes
Aug 11, 2013: Yellowstone makes headway in war on lake trout
Aug 1, 2013: Climate change in Glacier: Biggest effects often hard to see
Aug 1, 2013: Counting bears.
Aug 1, 2013: Ensuring a future for grizzlies
Aug 1, 2013: Researchers find gray wolf-grizzly bear link in Yellowstone
July 26 - Aug 8, 2013 - Page 14: Decisions loom for grizzlies

July/August 2013: Adjusting to the New Reality: Climate Change in the West
July 24, 2013: Native trout in hot water
July 24, 2013: In a warming world, cutthroat's future is uncertain
July 19, 2013: Stunning Photos of Glaciers in Retreat
July 16, 2013: Climate change and native trout. (Story begins at 7:45)
July 3, 2013: Treading Water

June 14, 2013: What's eating the snowpack?
June 5, 2013: Land managers brainstorm climate change strategies
June 4, 2013: Drones to spy on Southern Nevada wildlife, not people

Spring, 2013: Park in Peril
May 31, 2013: New study examines relationship between oil production...
May 30, 2013: Caterpillars' 'Leftovers' Delicious To Mountain Mammal
May 23, 2013: USGS study shows 20 percent decline in Rocky Mountain snow...
May 22, 2013: Number of frogs, toads declining at alarming rate
May 2013: Char wars.
May 16, 2013: Grizzly bear researcher retiring.
May 16, 2013: MTPR Feature on Kate Kendal - Part 2 (story begins at ~16:20).
May 15, 2013: MTPR Feature on Kate Kendal - Part 1 (story begins at ~10:45).
May 15, 2013: Snowpack, ice cover shrinking on Rocky Mountains, Everest.
May 14, 2013: Warm Springs Linked to Dwindling Snow in Rockies.
May 12, 2013: Longtime Glacier Park grizzly bear biologist to retire.
May 4, 2013: Experts look at impact on Glacier Park.
May 3, 2013: Women’s careers confab features bear scientist.
May 2, 2013: Breaking the Ice.

April 24, 2013: Filmmaker, scientists to discuss glaciers after Whitefish 'Chasing Ice' screening.
April 24, 2013: Griz diet key to end of federal protection.
April 13, 2013: Group lists B.C. river that joins with Kootenai as endangered.

Mar 25, 2013: New book focuses on Yellowstone’s changing ecology, management.
Mar 24, 2013: Mining pollutants entering Elk River drainage in southeast B.C.
Mar 13, 2013: Rising temperatures, diminishing snowpack threaten pika extinction

Feb 27, 2013: Griz scratching drives DNA study
Feb 4, 2013: Researchers seek more data on role of whitebark pine...
Feb 1, 2013: Montana rivers, fish reflect climate change trends

Jan 24, 2013: Invasive pike thriving on salmon, other species
Jan 23, 2013: Invasive Pike Persist When Preferred Prey Decline
Jan 2, 2013: Cute Animal + Warming Climate = New Species (of News)

USGS Release

New study examines relationship between oil production...
Invasive Snails are Target of UI, USGS Environmental DNA Study
Warmer Springs Causing Loss of Snow Cover throughout the Rocky Mountains
Pika Populations Affected by Climate in the Great Basin
How Will Native Rocky Mountain Trout Fare with Climate Changes?
Invasive Pike Persist When Preferred Prey Decline
New "Hair of the Bear" Study Launched to Estimate Grizzly Bear Population
Earbones Accurately Record a Fish’s Life Travels
Medical Fight Against Cancer May Hold Lessons for Battling Aquatic Invasive Species
USGS Scientist Receives Distinguished Career Award
Study Finds Recent Snowpack Declines Unusual...
Environmental Persistence of Chronic Wasting Disease...
Rare Alpine Insect May Disappear with Glaciers
Native Trout Fare Best When Dams Use Natural Stream Flow Management Practices
Thermal Imagery Sheds Light on Wolf Disease
Prestigious award granted to local grizzly researchers
Keeping track of grizzly bears in the Northern Rockies
Elk brucellosis infection may be increasing in the GYE
Study Seeks Innovative Ways to Monitor Bears
Past Meets Present in Glacier Exhibit
Results of Landmark Montana Grizzly Bear Study Now Available
New study estimates 765 grizzly bears reside in northwest Montana


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