2014 Seminar Series - USGS EcoLunch

NOROCK Headquarters & Bozeman Field Station

Upcoming Seminar

Date: Tuesday, September 30th

Time: 12:00 pm MDT

Speaker(s): Cliff Montagne (Emeritus MSU-LRES and BioRegions Program), Badamgarav Dovchin (MSU-LRES), David Thoma (NPS), Kristin Legg (NPS), Rebecca Watters (Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative), and Lance Craighead (Craighead Institute).

Title: Road Trip Mongolia: Building Capacity for Managing Protected Areas

Abstract: Three recently established National Parks and Strictly Protected Areas in northern Mongolia’s Darhad Valley include landscapes that are climatically and biologically similar to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE). Located west of Lake Huvsgul National Park, the Darhad Valley is home to the Darkhad ethnic group and the Tuvan reindeer herders. Surrounded by mountains reaching up to 3000m, and located around 51 Degrees N, the valley experiences severely cold winters and short summers. These areas are managed and protected with a small but dedicated and enthusiastic staff that perform back country patrols and are developing long-range management plans that will influence visitor, community, and herder relations. To aid this planning effort BioRegions International hosted an information exchange workshop in Northern Mongolia with the Darhad Strictly Protected area staff and U.S. environmental professionals to identify a future vision, management objectives, and resource needs to help Mongolian protected areas achieve their goals. These plans take a proactive and holistic approach to address threats including grazing, logging, mining, and poaching through community education and interaction with visitors and herders about the value of native species and a functioning environment. During the workshop Mongolian park managers identified immediate, near-term and long-term needs, some of which will benefit from interaction with U.S. colleagues. Gaining a better understanding of the cultural environment and resource challenges ahead for these newly protected areas stimulated introspective questions for U.S. participants such as, “What information or resources do we wish we had 100 years ago when protected areas in the GYE were being established?” and “What would we do differently given what we know now?” Ideas generated from questions like these will be valuable as Mongolian park managers prepare for the future.

Location: First Floor Conference Room "Madison Room"- NOROCK, 2327 University Way, Suite 2
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