2014 Seminar Series - USGS EcoLunch

NOROCK Headquarters & Bozeman Field Station

Upcoming Seminar

Date: Tuesday, October 28th

Time: 12:00 pm MDT

Speaker(s): Jon Swenson, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB), Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management.

Title: Wildlife management with a socialistic or a capitalistic flavor: a comparison of Norway and Montana.

Abstract: Most developed societies have adopted measures to save depleted wildlife populations. Norway and Montana did so at about the same time, at the end of the 1800s, but they chose very different wildlife management systems to do so; one was more socialistic and one more capitalistic. Both worked well and resulted in restored populations of most wildlife species. However, these two philosophical systems have resulted in very different approaches to hunting, public involvement in the politics of wildlife management, mitigation for habitat loss, land acquisition, etc. In hindsight, these differences were probably predictable, given the philosophical system that was chosen. Thus, this comparison might be useful to predict the outcome of some current proposals to increase landowners’ influence in wildlife management in Montana and other Western states.

Location: First Floor Conference Room "Madison Room"- NOROCK, 2327 University Way, Suite 2
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Webinar Info:

If you can not attend in person, you can still listen and watch from afar!

Link: Please access https://usgs.webex.com/ and search for (5) NOROCK EcoLunch. Note, you will be asked ot install the latest version of Java.
Teleconference: 760-569-0111
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October 28th - Jon Swenson, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
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December 23rd - TBD

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